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  • Scriptwriting
  • storyboarding
  • custom illustrations and character designs
  • voiceover
  • Animation

We provide informative videos about your services, products, and essential events by assuring that your business reaches the targeted audience.

Videos for promotional purposes

Our Video Animation Agency UAE delivers easy to understand videos that your audience can thoroughly absorb information. Every business needs to explain the products they launch into the market. It gives proper information and generates interest in the public and eventually creates demand for it. Our product videos explain every aspect of the product in detail.

We cover complex concepts and processes and simplify them for the general public. The script is one of the basic building blocks for video and animation. Our experts assure that videos are very interactive and understandable. We focus on bringing simplicity in ideas while demonstrating complex ideas.

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Interactive script

We provide great storytelling and ensure each component is considered. We excel in bringing the script alive on the screen via compelling storytelling methods. We produce the scripts according to the genre.

Story board

We make sure that the content is very interactive and engaging to the audience. We study the script thoroughly and produce a story based on the characters from various scenes. Every element is appropriately fit and aligned in the script, making a lasting impact on the viewer. Digital Links Video Animation Agency UAE creates the best stories that are based entirely as per the highest interactive levels.

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We make sure our animation is creative and playful. We make sure the viewers enjoy the video till the end. We also provide subtitles for bridging the communication gap in your preferred languages.

Music and sound effect

Imagining an animation without sound and music takes the thrill off; we are aware of the importance of audio in a visual clip and make sure the animation we produce has plenty of sound effects. The sound effects and tones add much value to the video and our best Video Animation Agency UAE assures taking care of every detailing.

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Delivering the message appropriately

We take pride in delivering the message efficiently. Infographics have been a great way to provide valuable information briefly in a graphical manner. Infographics present an easy way of understanding the concepts along with pictures that give a complete idea of our thoughts.

Whiteboard videos

The whiteboard videos have been trending for quite some time in animation. We often see a hand making the drawings in the videos. This method can be highly useful when used with a good voice over for learning complex concepts.

The writers and illustrators at digital link collaborate and produce the best whiteboard animation videos. They make sure the message gets conveyed appropriately, and the illustrator makes sure the visuals are always in alignment with the message. In a combined effort, they create great interactive videos for the audiences.

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Customized whiteboard animation

The whiteboards are a valuable tool for social media marketing. They can convey the message quickly. The whiteboard has a very thoughtful touch about it. Whenever a whiteboard and a hand is visible, it automatically programs the brain to learn something new. This way, the viewers watching the video pay much more attention.

Innovating and futuristic

Whiteboard animation involves using very creative techniques and ways to present information. It is unique and interactive; it is a very original method of explaining a concept. If you want to create a lasting impact on your viewers, you can use this method as it is very versatile and has multiple advantages over traditional methods. The whiteboard is, without a doubt, an excellent tool for communication.

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Our video animation agency in UAE creates Explainer videos for

  • social channels
  • conferences
  • workshops
  • forums and exhibitions etc
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