Business marketing trends have tremendously changed in the past few decades. From the traditional means of direct sales of products and services, the techniques of driving sales and leads have come a long way to the meet the unparalleled platform of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and every social media platform reaches millions of audience each day and constantly engaging them on different paces.

SMM or Social Media Marketing is nothing but internet marketing, whereby the products and services, the brand and its content and features are shared at a stretch to reach prospects and customers across the world. The concept of SMM is wide and to reach such flagrant branding goals, an expert confrere s recommended. Don’t flinch to take recourse of a prime agency for Social Media marketing Abu Dhabi to make your social media presence transcendent.

Hashtags are not an unwitting concept today. These symbol helps to categorize social media contents , increase the visibility of your messages, easy to find related content and boost your social shares. We have created a guide to make you understand how to use hash tags effectively in social Medias.

The importance of Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial in SMM ever since it have been introduced by Twitter in 2007. Inserting # (Insert Keyword) in content makes them visible in line with other posts using the same hashtag and can easily categorize them in to easily navigable lists. They make a great option in finding niche social media content. They can make contents easily discoverable and allow the audience across the world to engage with the common themed contents.

You sensed it right! Hashtag is a great way to increase traffic on all social media platforms. Utilizing them up as a business marketing tool in social medias will be a sensible SMM strategy which, all of the professional services in social media marketing Abu Dhabi facilitates.

How to use Hashtags effectively in social media platforms

1. Use it simple and relative

Don’t make random hashtags which are not relevant to the content you provide. Choose an easy one, a clear and common hashtag, keeping in mind that people search for simple and easy to remember ones. Make sure you don’t use long and difficult hashtags which may have a negative impact on searches.

2. No overuse please

Using hashtags more than ten in content may reduce the audience engagement. Multiple uses of hashtags on different social media channels indeed increase your brand exposure to a large audience. On the other hand overuse of hashtags impacts negatively on your brand marketing.

If specifying the count, you can keep 2 hashtags on facebook, not more than 2 hashtags on a tweet, maximum 5 on LinkedIn ,2 hashtags on Pinterest and as a successful company in Instagram marketing, we recommends to use not more than 9 hashtags on Instagram .

3. Find what others say on the same hashtag

Before use use a specific hashtag, search what that hashtag mean in various platforms. Make sure it was not interpreted wrongly for other contents. Find if others are using it for the same reason and creating positive online conversations. Using correct hashtags will increase your brand awareness; leads traffic and hit a sales spike.

4. Use unique hashtags

Keeping a unique and specific hashtag can initiate online conversations which a generic hashtag can’t achieve. While choosing specific hashtags especially on twitter, make branded hashtags that are trending with best social media marketing tips.

SMM will not be complete or successful without constant brand engagement and hashtags have that fantastic ability to create incredible traffic flow to your business website. Ignoring hashtag features on social media will not make you successful in the digital world as your follower count decides what you will be the next day.

If you are a busy marketer in the Middle East, a consistent social media engagement requires the support of a social media agency Dubai like Digital Links. We helps you in every engagement in social medias effortlessly and lead your business and social media marketing, Abu Dhabi with trending hashtags for the best brand engagement across the digital world.