Businesses can use the Twitter platform to promote their product, grow their sales, drive traffic to their website, build brand identity, increase visibility etc. Twitter is a powerful tool and using it efficiently can help you in your marketing activity and contribute to your business growth. New trends have emerged in Twitter marketing and utilizing it effectively can benefit your business. Digital Links one of the popular and trusted digital marketing companies UAE will help you in developing and implementing twitter marketing strategies. Our proven results have made us the number one Twitter marketing agency in UAE.

The Great Restoration

A shift in focus has occurred among people. The changing trend shows individuals giving importance to their well being and their physical, emotional and mental health. Pandemic is also considered one of the driving factors behind this new trend. Businesses have mostly remained static during the pandemic time and this seems to have affected the consumers. With individuals focusing on themselves they are placing expectation on corporate to take on the challenges faced by the world. Impact and accountability are greatly being discussed and sustainability is being given importance. An integration between the global changes, sustainability healthy surrounding and personal requirements are happening which have to be properly balanced. The term The Great Restoration is trending in Twitter. The terms greenwashing, climate mitigation, brand activism, clean and green health, green energy emissions, restoring and rebalancing are used repeatedly and continues to be used. This is in turn putting

pressure on businesses to take action and do something on these issues. Consumers expects the brands to take actions and no longer wants any promises from them. They expect the corporate to work towards achieving their personal objectives and the goals of the rest of the world. Individuals are seeking real connection with the businesses and brands which would benefit them and the whole world. Even though The Great Restoration is a new phase businesses can embrace it and work towards sustainability measures which will benefit them eventually.

Fan-Built Worlds

Brands are built by fans and as per the new trends consumers want to be the in forefront. Shared owners are nowadays trending. Fan marketplaces, passive income, NFT Avatars, fan art, crypto gaming, fan tokens etc are gaining prominence in Twitter. These changes have to be taken as opportunities by brands and they have to help in the growth of these communities and the fan built worlds. Collaborations can be created and support can be given to the fan spaces in Twitter.

Finance Goes Social

The matters relating to finance is now being openly discussed. With experts joining the conversations regarding the finance, everything is available for everyone to know. Bitcoin, ATMs, NFT stocks, Crowd loans, ZCash/Privacy protected etc are the emerging trends. These changes and the conversations are giving new insights about the market and the behaviour of people which brands can utilize for their advantages.

Shop Modules

Shop Modules the e-commerce platform of Twitter can be utilized by brands to display their product. Businesses can grow their sales by using these features in the Twitter. Live shopping feature can also be used by brands wherein the business can go live and interact in real time with the customers. An efficient Twitter marketing agency in UAE will help you with this.

Video Ads

Placing video ads that are short and appealing to the audience is another growing trend in Twitter. Business can use it as part of their marketing strategies. Digital marketing companies UAE will create excellent video ads which will benefit your brand.

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