One of the most effective business growth tactics is online community connection. An active community is an evolving consumer base, and you can use their suggestions to improve your products, marketing plans, and brand management.

The most popular query is, “How can I keep them interested?” There is no fast way in this situation; it requires a persistent, constant effort that calls for focus, attention, and thought.

The US-based power tool company, DeWalt claims their online community helped them avoid spending $6 million on unnecessary research. A new study also demonstrates how effective community programs can be as growth tactics. In this new survey:

  • 54% of respondents claimed they employ community engagement to reduce attrition.
  • 77% stated it helps them improve their brand recognition efforts, and
  • 72% said they use their community for product feedback.

Many e-commerce marketing agencies in Abu Dhabi can help you get back on your feet by improving social engagement with your audience.

So how can one continue to maintain community engagement? What value proposition can a brand give its users to give them an engaging experience? Here are some of the tips.

1. Strengthen the bond with the old while attracting the new

The goal is to establish a cozy and friendly environment. The new members need to be aware of what you’re doing which is helpful to them if you want to move the existing members along in their path.

Asking members to contribute some tidbits about their lives will help everyone feel a part of the group. This is the initial stage in a continuous process to promote community engagement.

How do you continue? Share brand initiatives, motivational ideas, goods, and advancements on a regular basis. Post the occasional peek-a-boo of your office or personnel at work to occasionally demonstrate your other side.

2. Make them feel important

The next step is to customize the strategy once you’ve established a community and started the engagement. So, start by curating material. Post information that members can relate to.

Engage their emotions while stimulating their minds. An excellent tool in this situation is humor. Allow them access to the community platform where you post material. Create master seminars and coaching and mentoring. Keep in mind that freebies and prizes can also be virtual! But all your engagements must circle all around your company’s core philosophy.

3. Take a break from online, Go Offline

When you start to follow a pattern, engagement often drops. Take your online interaction offline and invite members to in-person meet-ups to shake things up a bit.

Since these programs are just as beneficial as professional networking events, it pays to invest in them. These offline gatherings can serve as product launchpads, with special early-bird pricing available only to community members.

4. Make things simple for them

Don’t put too many obstacles when members are participating. This can result in people unfollowing you. Many companies will complicate the access making participation more complex. Though it might be tempting to get more user information, prevent yourself from doing it.

Learn what kind of community your target audience wants. A branded, private community or a public community?

Once that has been determined, it is essential to adhere to the platform you are using; if it is your own website, remove obstacles and trouble areas. Cross-posting is simple especially when you are using a popular app like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Just make sure not to complicate them by creating subgroups or walls.

5. Maintain regular interactions

Once people start to depend on you for certain things, this becomes crucial. Make smart plans. Based on the nature of your community, keep the interactions at once a week, twice a week, or even twice a day.

For instance, Parenting communities, publish up to 4 posts daily, and it works for them because parents frequently use the internet or turn to their communities for information.

6. Pay attention to UGC and make your brand community-friendly

The biggest mistake that community group administrators do is not uploading enough user-friendly content. You need to get good and bad reviews in stride.

Keep in mind that internet forums are open for everyone such as public discussion and the exchange of information, viewpoints, and other things. Act as the moderator, filter out abuses, and provide a secure space where everyone can freely submit their content.

7. Maintain communication and dominate the game

To sum up, branded online communities help businesses in achieving several important objectives like marketing and client retention. Communities also provide peer-to-peer support and give users a forum in which to express their thoughts and solicit criticism.

Online communities are the ideal places to promote brand loyalty because their enthusiastic, involved members have an emotional connection to your business. They’ll purchase your goods and spread the word about them to their friends and relatives.

Therefore, you need to create an active online brand community if you’re seeking for techniques to increase brand awareness. Keep in mind that your finest sales pitch is highly engaged members!

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