Graphic Designers and Design Agencies use numerous tools to create the perfect images, layouts, production designs and visual concepts. The tools help them in bringing their creative ideas and concepts to reality. Both hardware and software tools are used by them to create and edit their various works. Digital Links, Graphic Designing Agency UAE uses numerous expert tools for bringing out the best designs. Our competent personnel employ the tools for creating unique website design UAE.

20 tools popular among freelance graphic designers and design agencies are given below:

1. Illustrator

Illustrator is a great tool which can be used to make graphics, fonts, logos, cartoons and many more. It has features which lets you to adjust the layers and the art boards. Illustrator is a vector graphic tool which is utilized by many designers.

2. Photoshop

A favourite tool of designers Photoshop is used for image editing. It can be used for image analysis, manipulation of 2D and 3D images, video editing etc. The functions of Photoshop offer wide scope.

3. InDesign

A page layout tool InDesign is used for making printed and digital items like books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, printing digital publications, catalogues and so on.


This tool has number of different fonts which can be used by graphic artists. It can also be used to recognise various fonts.

5. Ron’s Brushes

Ron’s Brushes is used for illustrations, quality digital paintings and digital art. It has many features to create different effects.

6. Clip Studio Paint

An affordable tool, which enables detailed and complex drawing. It can be used in place of Adobe suite.

7. Sketch

Sketch tool is used for web design, interface design and app design. It is vector-based icon and is great for designing icons and social media images prototyping.

8. Astute Phantasm for Adobe Illustrator

Astute Phantasm is a plug-in tool which can be utilized to create and edit different effects. It can be used for making patterns, adding gradients, color adjustments, adding 3 dimensional effects etc.

9. Computer and Laptop

Desktop and laptops which supports various software used for designing should be used.

10. Clip Studio Paint

This tool is useful for detailed digital drawing and has collections of illustration apps.

11. HD Monitor

A high definition monitor is the most treasured hardware tool of freelance graphic designers. Eventhough it is not a necessity it can be used to improve the quality of digital work.

12. Procreate

Made for iPad, this tool can be used to create sketches, animations etc efficiently. It has a feature of 200 different types of brushes.

13. External Hard Drive

Since digital works are often large files. It is important to have reliable external hard drive which allows you to store sufficient data.

14. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage helps to store extra-large memory and helps in overcoming the limitations of hard drive and desktops.

15. Keyboard and mouse

For smooth and efficient working it is vital to have quality keyboard and mouse.

16. Comfortable Furniture

Since designers tend to spend hours for their work it is important to have comfortable chairs and desk which help them in working smoothly without causing irritation and discomfort.

17. Monitor calibrator

Monitor calibrators assist in the proper color collection and in controlling runaway colors.

18. Stylus and graphic tablets

These tools help in sketching, drawing and doodling and can be used in place of paper and pencil.

19. Camera

Cameras like DSLR can come in handy when you want to edit and manage precise photos and videos.

20. Pen and Paper

Pen and paper are easily available and affordable hardware tools.

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