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Telegram Marketing

Telegram is an application primarily for messaging. It is a cloud based app and has gained huge popularity in the recent years. It can be supported in different type of electronic devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets etc. Users can send one to one messages, photos, videos or files and also groups and channels can be created for communications and interactions.
With a huge audience base, marketing in telegram have become beneficial to businesses to promote their brand, bring awareness, bring growth to the business, boost sales etc.

Why Telegram Marketing?

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No limitation in the size of the groups

Unlike other messenger apps, telegram has no limitation in the number of people who can be included in a group. This hugely helps in the marketing activity since it give high chance of networking opportunities and a reach to a large number of people and audience. Telegram allows businesses to put across their messages, promotional posts, announcements and so on easily and quickly. Unlimited accessibility to audience makes telegram a business friendly app.

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Flexibility and reliability

Telegram is growing at a fast pace. New and new features are being introduced and incorporated into it. Exchanging files, messaging, voice calling, video communication and many more features make it a flexible and reliable app. With its many benefits not only the users are gaining benefits but also the businesses and marketers are benefiting from it.

Segmentation of target audience

In Telegram Marketing businesses can target the specific audience of different age groups, geographical area, gender, interests, job and so on. This is not only an efficient way of marketing but also saves time and money.


Business can get their performance statistics through telegram. Details such as engagement rate, source of new followers, language of users, views etc can be taken from telegram. This will allow you to adopt new strategies.

Engagement Rate

Telegram has high engagement rates when compared to other social media platform and applications.

Telegram Bots

Bots for specific purposes can be created and run in the telegram to automate different marketing activities. They can be used for sending automated newsletter, for FAQs, file management, translations etc.

Constant contact with customers

Through telegram, businesses can improve their communication with their customers. Updates and details about the new products or services or any other information can be quickly and easily shared through telegram. Maintaining a direct contact with the customers is possible through telegram. Questions, queries and other discussions can be effectively handled in real time. Through Telegram it is also possible to give 24/7 customer support.

Other benefits of Telegram Marketing:

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telegram marketing uae
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Tools for Telegram Marketing:

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Other tools and software can be used and incorporated into telegram marketing for achieving the objectives of your business and for making your business successful.
Creating a telegram account and sending messages now and then will not yield the desired results of telegram marketing. For successful telegram marketing constant monitoring, interactions and strategies have to be implemented.

It is necessary to:

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This is effectively and efficiently done by a digital marketing agency in Dubai. As the best social media agency Dubai all that is required for a successful Telegram Marketing will be taken care of by Digital Links. We assure guaranteed positive results.

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