Social Media Marketing Package

The packages mentioned below are totally customizable – blend it, swap it, come up with your set objectives. Make your personalized perfect social media package with a budget you can afford.

Digital Links is the most trusted social media marketing company in Dubai. They aim at social media marketing of your brands via the most used social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin. We create the most lucrative content for the readers in the form of posts, image captions, videos, or tweets on different platforms. Your business can reach a wider audience by advertising on social media.

We design the channel, set up the tasks, and manage them on weekly schedules. Our social media marketing company in Dubai makes attempts to give the most useful information to the customers with the creation of useful data. Apart from this, we work on social media crisis management for your brand. The social media advertising options given by our experts are highly professional and build a strong customer base with the most effective marketing strategies engrossed through the posts.

We are the only social media marketing company in Dubai following a transparent approach for social media reporting and analytics. Whatever will be done for your website would be shared with you for a review. We assure you that every activity for your social media campaign would be highly valuable and give lucrative results for gaining more traffic and attracting your prospective customers. Our social media efforts for your website will fetch the best results for the progress of your business by reaching more people in your geography.

Ongoing social media marketing strategy      
Creation of content calendar       
Keyword research       
Platforms  2 2 4
Post per week 2 3 4
Social media expert consultancy       
Community management –
Responding to comments on posts
Campaign creation and management of targeted ad campaigns       
Professional Ad design and graphic design       
Exciting ad text creation – caption writing      
Conversion setup and tracking      
Daily campaign monitoring, management and optimization      
Monthly reports and detailed evaluations with our strategy team      
Gain a leverage against competitors with our Research based Campaign strategies and insights of relevant target audience      
1 Exclusive photoshoot/ Or 1  Explainer Video/Animated  creation  (maximum of 60 second Branding Video to increase Brand Awareness and Customer Recall)      
Your Monthly Investment 
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