Whether you are a big or small business, many social media agencies in Abu Dhabi can help you to promote your brand.

If you own a business, you probably must be spending a lot of time trying to understand social media marketing and planning to promote your business on social media. Long gone are the times when Twitter was simply used to tweet anything. Today, it is one of the biggest platforms to market your business and boost your brand. Use it to your advantage.

As compared to just five years ago, there are currently 4.2 billion active social media users, which is nearly twice what it was. They log onto social media every day for an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes.

These 2.5 hours is the best time for companies to:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Develop customer relationships
  • And even make some sales straightaway using social platforms.
That said, here are the top social media tips you need to promote your business.
1. Have a plan

It’s easy to use social media for business as it is absolutely free to create a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. But before that, you need to have a good plan. Even though you can use social tools for free, the time and effort shouldn’t go waste as it is an investment when it comes to your business.

You can’t clearly define your objectives without a plan. As a result, it is impossible to determine whether your investment is paying off.

Spend a little time in advance developing a social media strategy. This guarantees that all of your social media campaigns serve specified business goals.

  • Set social media objectives and goals – Establish objectives that adhere to the SMART framework. SMART is the abbreviation for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. For instance, set goals based on metrics that will actually impact your business. Instead of just collecting likes, you may try to increase your conversion rate or gain more clients.
  • Do some competitor research – What social media strategies do your competitors use? Learning from what others have done is a terrific approach to reducing your learning curve, even if you don’t want to copy them. By conducting a competitive analysis, you will understand what’s working and what’s not for businesses similar to yours.
2. Decide first which platforms are perfect for you

Don’t assume where your audience is spending their internet time. For instance, your instinct might be telling you to skip Facebook and focus on Instagram and TikTok, especially if you’re marketing to Gen Z. However, research shows that about 25% of Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 24.

If you are selling your products to baby boomers, focus on Facebook and Pinterest. Adults more than age 65 are among Facebook’s rapidly growing audience.

You must conduct your study to ensure that you’re using social media for business efficiently. This will enable you to better understand how your particular target audience uses the internet.

There is no need to take an all-or-nothing stance when selecting your platforms. You can utilise various social media platforms to connect with various audiences or to accomplish various business goals you have in mind.

3. Know your audience

The ability to micro-target your audience is one of the key benefits of using social media for business. But first, you must identify your target audience.

Collect information about your current customers first. Next, use social media analytics to delve deeper. You’ll soon begin to realize who is chatting and making purchases from you online.

4. Expand your audience

You may go over your social media strategy again after you have a good understanding of who your audience is. It’s time to consider how to connect with more people like them.

For instance, The Great Courses Plus changed its Facebook advertising strategy to swiftly increase its audience when the lockdown hit and people were looking for ways to spend their time at home.

5. Build relationships with audience

The one special advantage of social media marketing for small businesses is that it enables you to communicate with clients and followers directly. Instead of asking for a sale upfront, develop relationships over time.

Over 44% of internet users consult social media sites to study brands. Understanding your brand’s identity and core values is a part of that discovery.

It’s a good idea to respond to comments and interactions with your adverts and organic content. This promotes trust and cultivates a devoted fan base. You move up in the social algorithms and get new exposure when followers share and like your content.

6. Give attention to trends

We’re not suggesting that you share every meme that becomes popular.

However, it is advisable to follow social media trends so that you are aware of what users are seeking when they log into their social media accounts. This aids in the production of pertinent material that endures.

An ongoing Pinterest campaign from State Farm Insurance offers educational content related to significant life milestones like getting a car or having a child. These moments often have an impact on insurance needs, so it makes sense that the insurance industry giant has been able to engage with millennials and Gen Xers.

Currently, these are the top four reasons individuals use social media:

  • To keep track of news and activities current events
  • To search for funny content
  • Maintain relationships with friends
  • To share pictures or videos with friends and family
7. Use social commerce to sell your products

Social commerce can sell your goods directly to consumers using social networks. This is one of the major developments in social media marketing. And with a global market value of $89.4 billion in 2020, commerce is booming like never before. Did you know that 18.3% of American adults had purchased products from Facebook while 11.1% had done so on Instagram back in 2020?

The ability to sell your goods and services without a website is now possible thanks to social shopping solutions.

8. Change your formats

Make sure you occasionally change the forms of your social media posts. Try a JPG if you typically share GIFs. Try posting a video if you usually just share still images. Use all available social network forms, such as Live videos, Reels, and Stories.

One benefit of doing this is that you may discover which formats are more effective for various content categories and social networks.

9. Choose Quality over Quantity

You don’t have to use every social media marketing technique available to small businesses; it may seem daunting. The creation of high-quality content for a few essential channels is more crucial than being present on every network.

Make sure your social media updates are valued above anything else. People won’t follow you much if all you do is promote and try to sell them products. Keep in mind that connections are the foundation of social marketing.

We are humans interacting with other humans. Be honest and give great quality content. You cannot fake it.

There is no point in attempting; you cannot do it all. Identify where your audience is currently spending time online and reach out to them there. Initially, concentrate on mastering just one or two social media platforms. Once you’ve understood them, broaden your activities and build on what you’ve learned.

10. Using the right tools

The key to using social media efficiently is to make use of technologies that automate or simplify a lot of the work.

There are numerous tools available to assist increase your productivity. In other words, you don’t need a large social media team to start using social media for business. For example, analytics, VSCO, BuzzSumo, Pocket etc. for content curation are some of the best SM tools.

11. Monitor and improve your performance

It’s crucial to monitor what succeeds and fails as you put your social strategy into action. After that, you can adjust your efforts and get better outcomes.

The analytics tools such as Hootsuite let you get a clear image of your social media activities and can help you keep tabs on the metrics that are most important to you.

To sum it up,

Regardless of the size of your company, social media platforms may help you interact with your audience more effectively, find new potential clients, and raise brand awareness. Just start small if the options seem unmanageable.

Increase your efforts and audience as you discover what is effective. One of the best things about social media for small businesses is that you may always use the tools in the way that works best for your company and your budget.

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