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It should be noted that the best testing laboratory in Dubai is one of the fundamental pillars of support for the highest quality diagnosis. Testing laboratories assist in more than 70% of crucial decisions. New technologies provide significant improvements in the quality of life. It is possible to guarantee quality, speed, and safety, as well as an increase in productivity. This process has vital importance and promotes the importance of research and testing. However, the best laboratory in Dubai deals with microbiology, indoor air quality test, chemistry, asbestos testing, DOP tests, and legionella risk assessment. When it comes to professionalism, the best testing laboratory in Dubai offers accurate results and trustworthy service experience.

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Problems related to Digital Marketing
Less traffic, less online visibility and fragile user experience

The world is moving faster. Businesses must keep themselves up to date. Otherwise, they will fall behind. In short, they must have a robust digital presence. The best testing laboratory in Dubai had a proven word of mouth reputation. However, the only reason it was not getting the desired business leads was that it had no digital presence. Just having a social media profile, a few tweets or Facebook posts does not mean that you have a robust digital presence. The visitors must learn about you, know about your service or product. For this, they must visit your website. On the other hand, having a website doesn’t mean a robust digital presence. Then, what is a digital presence?

Getting thousands of likes on the social media platform gives you regional visibility. But, remember, you are not the only one present in the market as you have competitors. Thus, you must target a larger geo-location to get new leads. You must target the regional audiences, as well as online visitors. Leads from social media and leads from Google search: you need both. You must have a robust website, which generates numerous leads. Being present in the top search results in Google SERP is known as “digital presence.” It is only possible to have an optimized website that generates enough traffic to increase the conversion of potential users.

Got the whole story?

Unfortunately, the best testing laboratory in Dubai had the same issue. The organization had one website with an excellent regional presence and tremendous professionalism. Though, it started to lose control over the market day by day.The only reason is that the best testing laboratory in Dubai had a website that was not optimized. Thus, it failed to accumulate traffic and generate potential leads.

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Traffic was nearly “ZERO”:

As we have spoken earlier, having a robust digital presence means a healthy traffic generation. It is effortless. More than 30 million results are appearing in Google for one search, which means 30 million solutions for just one query. You have an answer too. But how can you expect someone to come to your website and take the service? For this, you need to be on the top searches, right? How many of us click on the number 2 search page on Google?

There are several ways to generate traffic, be it content, ad-words, social media marketing, SEO, Keyword research, etc., etc. The list continues. All these come under digital marketing. Digital marketing is a vital tool to generate new leads. Just having a website will not work. You must prepare the site to do the job: generate traffic. It is where the best testing laboratory in Dubai made a mistake. Thus, it was affecting the website’s position in the search results

Poorly execution of UI/UX design:

If a website has a poorly designed user interface (slow navigation, not responsive, takes a lot of time to load or reload the ages, etc.), it is evident that the user experience will be negative. No one will visit the next page of the website. Probably, decide to leave the site. Thus, there will be a considerable bouncing rate. Agree?

If you don’t have a robust UI, you will not have traffic.It is the platform where online visitors access your content, products, information, etc. smoothly. They become your potential leads. But, the best testing laboratory in Dubai had a website that had a worse UI/UX design. People used to abandon the site due to defects in a smooth transaction.

Desperately needed a solution:
Digital Links website development team and SEO team:

If you have come this far, we hope that you have understood the whole scenario. More likely, you have been facing the same situation. Likewise, continue to the decrease in bounce rate, the best testing laboratory was looking for a solution. Fortunately, they opt to “DIGITAL LINKS”: one of the best web development company in UAE. Digital Links investigate the case and fond the issues.

Making no further delay, Digital Links started the diagnosis with a “website audit.” It is a complete process, where the web development team can understand the website’s faults and the answer to the question: why is it not generating organic traffic? After the process, the group concluded. They had to redesign the website. The decision they took was based on an in-depth analysis.

The meaningful solution:
Website redesign, thorough keyword research, OFF page and On-Page Optimization.

The best testing laboratory in Dubai decided to trust Digital Links’ web development team. Redesigning a website doesn’t mean merely changing the fonts, template, and URL links. It goes far beyond this, which Digital Links did.First of all, they developed a new user interface, which was friendlier and flawless.Digital Links redesigned the website in merely seven days and deployed it ASAP. As a result, the best testing laboratory in Dubai slowly started to gain online visitors. Visitors found it attractive due to the new user-friendly design. The navigation was smoother. With it, a massive reduction in bounce rate. Visitors got a pleasant browsing experience.

Digital Links’ SEO strategy led to an 800% increase in traffic to the Client’s website.

Within six months the SEO implementation, all targeted keywords ranked on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Certain chosen keywords (based on significant parameters) also ranked on top of the first page of Google SERP. This ensured higher visibility to Super Plast’s website thereby generating more leads.

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SEO audit and Digital Links’ Team:

After a complete website revamps, Digital Links’ SEO team started the work. After a comprehensive SEO audit, they found that the site of the best testing laboratory in Dubai was not optimized. The SEO audit aims to identify the main structural, technical, content, and link errors that may be damaging your digital strategy. Apart from an SEO audit, the team performed “Keyword research” and “ON-page and OFF-page SEO.”

After the process, the website slowly started accumulating the desired result. And, after six months, it gained full pace. As a result, there was a massive reduction in bounce rate and a significant increase in traffic and audience engagement.

  • The bounce rate decreased noticeably: 80:14 percent.
  • The best testing laboratory in Dubai was acquiring handsome online visibility.
  • The online visitors were showing their interest and responded to push the “call to action” option.
  • Due to this, the testing laboratory was earning massive potential leads.
  • Also, the increased traffic ratio was: 800%.
  • The keywords appeared in the top Google SERP.

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