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Due to the quality of care and the structure with state-of-the-art equipment, ICU, and emergency response: this medical center is one of the most modern and leading medical centers in Abu Dhabi. Dealing with patients with confidence and genuine care, this medical center has served the UAE community with world-class healthcare. Professional doctors, dedicated paramedical staff, skilled and trained nurses are bound to their medial oath: “serve the people for good.” Dealing with almost every essential branches of the medical sector: general medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, dentistry, dermatology, physiotherapy, laboratory and pharmacy services, this medical center has been one of the best affordable and advanced medical care facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Issues related to digital marketing:
Low Traffic, No Online Visibility, and Poor User Experience:

For the medical center to earn a good reputation, a more robust digital presence is evident. The best medical center in Abu Dhabi lacked precisely in this situation: “digital presence.” How can an organization grow in this significant era of the 21st century’s digital race without having a more substantial digital presence? The best medical center in Abu Dhabi had one website. But the site was not ready enough to bring new leads and business. The medical center had a more reliable word-of-mouth reputation. But the area of implementation was too tiny. Gaining popularity outside the known region was absolute “ZERO.”

Whereas, the competitors were gaining profound reputation and acquiring new leads. Sooner the best medical center in Abu Dhabi lost its capacity to attract new leads. With the help of digital marketing, the competitors gained massive digital presence. Patients started recommending the medical centers to other people looking for an excellent medical center. Instead of having everything that a medical center should have, the best medical center in Abu Dhabi almost lost digital warfare. There was a moment of insecurity, as it had no digital presence, it was losing quality leads.

Lower Traffic was the primary issue:

The corporate field is full of challenges and competition. And, in the medical field, this is no different. Today, people are looking for more information about doctors and medical centers before scheduling an appointment. Thus, digital marketing is a crucial tool to win new patients and also gain market supremacy. The primary step of having a more robust digital presence is to have a good build website. The subsequent step is to get massive traffic to make the site appear in the search results. However, the best medical center in Abu Dhabi had a website. But, the website was not getting the actual Traffic, which it should have. Thus, it was affecting the website’s position in the search results. If you need to rank your website, you will need high Traffic. On the other hand, the competitors had spectacular Traffic to attract a significant volume of the target audience.

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Poorly execution of UI/UX design:

A better UI is significant for the website to gain traffic. It let the visitors smoothly browse the site and read the contents and information. It was developed to show the services offered in a simplified way to attract visitors’ attention and keep them on your website. In this segment, too, the best medical center in Abu Dhabi was lacking. The poorly designed UI/UX forced the visitors to leave the website as they reach the landing page. It also caused a higher bouncing rate.

Desperately needed a solution:
Digital Links website development team and SEO team:

So, this was the basic scenario for the best medical center in Abu Dhabi. They were desperately looking for a solution. Fortunately, Digital Links got a chance to investigate the drawbacks. And the result was surprising.

At first, Digital Links performed the complete website audit to counter the issues. Carrying out a thorough review of your website is the first step to maintaining the health and well-being of your page up to date. This investigation plays a crucial role in correcting mistakes before being penalized by search engines, maintaining good organic Traffic, and an excellent experience for users. After the website audit, the Digital Links’ team concluded that the website has several defects performing the work. With an in-depth analysis, visitor’s journey information, bounce rate ratio, the group decided to redesign the website to counter the flaws and technical issues.

The meaningful solution:
Website Revamp, Keyword Research, Optimization, and Off-Page and On-Page SEO:

It is of no debate that hiring the best web development company has various advantages. A professional web development company can back your website from every aspect: SEO, Contents, Social Media Marketing, UI design, Keyword research, Responsive design, Traffic, etc. fortunately, the best medical center had professional assistance of the Digital Links.

But, what did they do to counter the situation?

  • Digital Links’ team design and develop a user-friendly interface.
  • Due to this, the website got a user-friendly reach. Visitors found it attractive.
  • The bounce rate was decreased.
  • Apart from smooth UI, the navigation was improved to deliver a significant flow of information.

The visitors had uninterrupted browsing experience and worthy content

SEO audit and Digital Links’ Team:

After the website audit and complete website revamp, Digital Links’ SEO team started an SEO audit on an immediate basis. Unfortunately, the team found that the site of the best medical center in Abu Dhabi was not optimized. The SEO audit aims to identify the main structural, technical, content, and link errors that may be damaging your digital strategy. SEO audits serve to map all possible SEO mistakes that a website has. Based on the “medical center” and all the other branches of the “medical field” – the SEO team started “Keyword Research” process. ON page and OFF page SEO were done to facilitate the SEO optimization significantly.

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As a result, the website got ranked:
A massive reduction in bounce rate, a significant increase in traffic and audience engagement:

After all the process done by the Digital Links’ professional team, the achievement was highly expected.

  • The automatic decrease in bounce rate: 80:16 percent.
  • The best testing laboratory in Dubai was acquiring handsome online visibility.
  • Due to digital presence, the best medical center in Abu Dhabi was getting massive visibility.
  • Audiences were showing interest and started booking medical consultations.
  • As a result, the medical center got huge potential leads through the “call to action” option.
  • There was a massive increase in traffic generation: 800%.
  • Within six months, the keywords appeared on the first page of Google SERP.

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