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The best Kindergarten in Dubai favors and allows a child’s physical and mental development. The children need an environment favorable to their growth: making the child’s knowledge evolve freely and satisfactorily. Through the British EYFS curriculum, children can know their characteristics and skills. Great space and beautifully designed nursery school in Dubai is perfect for the toddlers. They have matching games, memory games, fitting games, puzzles, toys, musical chairs, running, going up and down, etc. So, relying on the best Kindergarten is evident if you want to wish for the better development of your children

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The significant issues:
Low Traffic, No Online Visibility, and Poor User Experience

“An organization without digital presence is blind in the 21st century”. We hope that you have heard this proverb. The best nursery school in Dubai had a positive offline reputation. In other words, word-of-mouth visibility. As a result, it gained positive local attention. Soon, the market changed, and there were many competitors. As a result, all of them wanted the top position. List. Many took advantage of digital marketing and SEO. We prefer to have information and services online. We search the Internet and choose the best. In this sense, having a robust online presence is evident. Unfortunately, the best nursery school in Dubai that had no digital presence felt the insecurity of losing the competition and leadership. As it had no digital presence, it was losing quality leads.

Traffic was too low:

Only having a website with a fragile local presence will not serve the digital purpose. It will not generate the amount of Traffic a website needs to rank in the search engine. It is more like that “you planted seeds and expecting to get fruits without paying any attention towards it.” Can we expect any useful results? The website is a seed. And you need a lot of attention to get a good result. Likewise, the best nursery school had a website with a fragile local presence. The Traffic was much too low to generate viewer’s attention. Meanwhile, the competitors had spectacular Traffic to attract a significant volume of the target audience

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Fragile UI/ UX design:

A premium quality user interface is necessary to get the maximum out of the website. Compared with the others, the best nursery school in Dubai had a poorly designed UI/UX. Besides, it was not limited to the poor user experience. It caused a higher bounce rate. As a result, online visitors abandoned the website as soon as they reach the landing page. Due to a poorly designed UI/UX, visitors did not browse further pages, no matter how engaging the contents were. Above all, they didn’t subscribe to feeds and notifications.

A solution to the problems:
Digital Links website development team and SEO team:

Soon after the case, Digital Links got the chance to investigate the scene for possible solutions. The team was deliberately looking forward to countering the situation. After a complete diagnosis, the team had the result. At first, the web development team went through a comprehensive website audit. The website audit is a digital marketing process that shows your website’s health and tells you a possible solution to counter the issues.

With the website audit, Digital Links founded the areas of concern. The website of the best nursery school in Dubai was poorly performing in several areas. The team had an audit based on traffic sources, visitor’s journey information, bounce rate ratio, competitor’s in-depth analysis, etc. The team advised the website owner to revamp the website so that they could identify and rectify the design flaws and technical issues.

The proper solution:
Website Revamp, Keyword Research, Optimization and Off-page, and On-Page SEO:

Hiring a professional website development company has significant importance – we all know this. If you want to get success in the digital world, you need an up to date website in every aspect. For example, SEO, Contents, Social Media Marketing, UI design, Keyword research, Responsive design, Traffic, and what not? Being successful in the digital environment is not “a one day job.” Only a professional website development company can bring these significant benefits to you. However, for the best nursery school in Dubai, it was not different. Digital Links’ Web Development team pulled up their socks, oiled their skills, and decided for immediate intervention.

At first, the team developed a user-friendly interface, which was the primary adverse concern during the website audit. After the website revamps, the site got a nice and smooth user interface. Above all, the team entirely reconstructed the website so that it offers a logical flow of the contents: information. The navigation was improved. As a result, the visitors not only felt worthiness of the website but got an uninterrupted browsing experience. The team completed the design within 7 days and deployed the site in just under a month.

Digital Links’ SEO audit Team:

Till now, the web development team took great care of the reconstruction and revamping of the website. Now it was time for the SEO squad to come into action. The site needed an immediate SEO audit.

During the auditing, the SEO team understood that the nursery school’ website required immediate SEO optimization. And, it was the primary key to concern. After all, we all need online attention. The positioning of a website on the Internet is essential. Therefore, the SEO audit would help to define what is working well and what needs to be corrected.

It is a very detailed analysis of everything related to the visibility of the website in search engines. Besides, it helps us to review the technical infrastructure of the website. The SEO audit team initiated the next stage, “Keyword Research.” It was done based on the nursery school and early childhood education industry. In this case, the team much relied on both OFF page and ON page SEO

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The result was very much expected:
A massive reduction in bounce rate, a significant increase in Traffic and audience engagement:

After all these hard works, the achievement was highly expected. There was a sudden decrease in bounce rate: 85 to 16 percent. Audience visibility was incredible, and they were showing massive interest in the best nursery school in Dubai. The nursery school was actually getting a tremendous response through the “call to action” option. The contents had a better engagement. Digital Links’ SEO audit and master strategy led to an 850% increase in Traffic.

As we mentioned earlier, page ranking is not a one day job. It took nearly six months to achieve a great result. But, the effect was noticed soon after the website was revamped and deployed. It took time to gain speed, and it is quite natural. Within six months, the precise and targeted keywords were on the first page of Google SERP. Only a good digital marketing strategy is capable of doing so.

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