You must have already heard the news that Google’s Helpful Content Update has been rolled out. The process started on December 5th 2022. If you are still figuring what that is, don’t worry, the best SEO company in Dubai can help you through it. And prepare your website for the changes Google made, so it will remain at the top in search engine queries.

The Helpful Content Update scenario is fairly new, but it would be interesting to note how it had been rolled out in August, and how it will roll out in December, once the whole process is done.

What is Google helpful content update?

It is a search engine algorithm change that aims to bring more focus to content meant to be written for people and not search engines. With this update, users are likely to get more solid results for their search queries rather than from websites with large amounts of irrelevant content. In fact, websites with unhelpful content will not be featured any more. You can reach out to the SEO consultant Dubai to analyse the content in your website, and make the necessary changes, if needed.

The rolling out of the content update

The first ever roll out happened on August 25th 2022, and the whole process took two weeks to complete with the completion happening on September 9th 2022. After the first roll out, some websites noticed changes in the rankings and some did not. Brands that had solid content to show did not have to worry, while websites with below average content had to get the help of the best SEO company in Dubai to remain at the forefront.

What do you need to do with the content update roll out?

If you are producing lots of content with the hopes that some of it might click, then you need the best SEO company in Dubai to help you with this. Because that’s not true anymore.

So what is helpful content, after all? Helpful content is what educates people or teaches them something. When the audience types a query in the search engine, and they get directed to your website, they must get the answer and find it ‘helpful’.

If you are really anxious to see how this would roll out for you, it would take a while until it all settles down. But if your answer is yes to the following questions, then be ready for the red flag:

  • Are you preparing the content for the search engines or for humans?
  • Do you tend to use automation to produce large amounts of content?
  • Do you exert importance to the word count because you feel Google takes that parameter into consideration?
  • Does your content make false promises, especially when something has not yet been announced?

The new update is a big relief for visitors who actually like to read some helpful content when they are searching for something.

The Bottom Line is: How will your site impact from the roll out?

Google updates always impact site metrics. Even if you observe a slight downhill of traffic during the first two weeks of the content update, it could pick up later. Watch out for the last weeks of December and the first weeks of January and if you have fresh, new content and credible information to the reader, you will do really well. The ‘old wine in new bottle’ scenario is just not going to work any more. Hire good writers, prepare valuable content, stop fixating on the keywords, and you will do just fine.