Guest posting or Guest Blogging is the method of writing and posting blogs in different sites for your own exposure and for creating backlinks. Backlinks help in improving your rank in search engines. Guest posting help in improving the SEO and using guest posting is safe for SEO.

Guest blogging also helps in networking and building new relationships across the online medium from which you can benefit greatly in future. You also get a new audience through guest blogging practice and if they start to find your blog interesting and useful they may further explore more about your own blogs and check your sites. This will eventually influence and drive traffic to your site. You have to keep in mind to incorporate your links in the guest blogs since obtaining backlinks is the main goal of guest blogs. The links can be embedded in the text or given in the author box. Digital Links the leading social media marketing company in Dubai will help you and guide you with all that is required for efficient guest posting. Being the leading social media agency Dubai we have talented resources who will meet your requirement.

Guest Posts are beneficial for the host site as well. Since guest posts are done for different sites you have to make sure that you are giving quality content otherwise there is high chance that the host site may not consider you. The benefit for host site through guest posting is that they are getting free content and as stated earlier it is a part of network building. Hence guest posting is a powerful and effective marketing tool for SEO. While posting guest blogs in order to gain the exposure and traffic to your site it is always advisable to write SEO optimized content.

Before guest posting on the sites you have to check for quality sites. Do not accept to post on dropped domains and PBN (Private Blog Networks). You should review the website, the domain’s history and the domain name. The domain name of an established website will be genuine. The backlinks of the site can also be checked with the backlink checkers that are available online. Another factor to note is that that a well performing website will be visible in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Websites that are good will have adequate traffic. By utilizing different tools you can know about it. The authority of the site can also be checked by checking its profile link too.

There are chances that you may be asked for payment for publishing content in a site. You have to understand that this is against the policies of Google and if you go against it and are found doing it you can get manual penalty. You should also keep in mind that the links which you embed in the content should be relevant and you should also not overuse it.

How is Guest Posting done?

As discussed earlier, primarily you have to find a site that is genuine and is performing well. The best way is to search for the sites in the search engine using simple terms and you can also do advance search by using specific strings of phrases such write for us. You can also use the mentioned tools to know about the authority of the sites. After finding the sites you will need to contact the sites through emails or the other details given in the site. After approval from the host site you can give your content to the site.

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