The social media landscape is constantly evolving and changing, and new trends keep coming, while old strategies become obsolete. Instagram, which first emerged as a simple photo and video-sharing app after quite an unobtrusive entry into the market, is now the highlight platform for all marketers. Now Instagram stands tall, perhaps even taller than other social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. When you engage in Instagram marketing in Dubai services, there is no looking back, because success will be right on the track.

Why Instagram?

If you are still not tapped Instagram potential, or if you are not very active on the platform, here’s why you should. Because that’s where all the fun is.

  • Instagram is the 4th most visited website in the world, and also the 10th most searched one on Google
  • Thousands of new businesses join Instagram every day to promote and market their offerings
  • More than 100 million people watch Instagram Live daily
  • People spend about 30 minutes on average every day on Instagram
  • The average engagement time for an Instagram account is 0.65%
  • Reels enjoy an engagement rate of about 1.95%
  • About 70% of the visitors view Insta Stories
  • About 71.9% of the content on Insta are photo posts
  • Influencer marketers use Instagram Reels with a huge success rate
  • 73% of the marketers prefer to utilize Influencer marketers to promote brands
  • Importance of Instagram in Business

Instagram marketing helps you reach out to new target segments, lets you promote your brand, and increases sales. You can easily use the various methods available within the channel and use a combination of all of them to bring new customers. Stories, Posts, Reels, and Live broadcasts are all ways in which you can reach users very powerfully. So, here are the reasons why you should use Instagram for your business:

To create awareness about the brand

Your existing customers might already be aware of your brand, but you can easily reach out to new customers through Instagram marketing. The chances of reaching the right people are so high. Especially if the target segment spends a fairly good amount of time on the platform.

Win customers through stories

Instagram is practically a story-telling platform, and when you have a good and entertaining story to tell, people listen. You can hire influencers to be the main ‘actors’ in the stories, and subtly introduce your brand without being overbearing. People resort to Instagram reels as a means to escape for a few minutes, and when they get entertained, they will certainly follow your account.

Visual content makes it so powerful and effective

More than written content, it is the visuals that people enjoy and retain in their minds. This is why they enjoy and recall entertaining and informative reels. If you want to promote a new product through videos, you can leverage the potential of Instagram along with YouTube. Combine the video with excellent captions, keywords, and description and you have a winner.

Tools like Instagram analytics to track your growth

Instagram analytics gives you data on how your business is growing. By tracking this and tweaking your strategies, you will be able to post better and position your brand at the top. There are so many options within Instagram to capture user feedback, like Q&A boxes, polls, etc. Make use of all that and engage in the right manner.

Partnering with Instagram marketing in Dubai services will help you leverage the full power and potential of the platform. The marketing team will ensure your business is being marketed well and you have a huge fan following.