Today Social Media has become a part of everyone’s life and have become indispensable. Majority of the individuals spend hours on different social media platforms for various purposes. The platforms are used for communication, information sharing, promotion, brand building, entertainment etc. A day never goes by without using social media. With the large number of online users and the growing trend of these platforms, social media marketing have become necessary and crucial. Social media marketing increases visibility and online presence. It is a cost effective and result oriented promotional activity. Digital Links UAE, social media marketing company in Dubai offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions. For effective social media marketing, the latest strategies and methods are implemented by our proficient team.

Importance of social media marketing

Integrating Multiple Accounts

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is the integration of multiple accounts under a single platform. Applications such as Hootsuite supports various accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit etc. By bringing different accounts under a single place, social media management is more easy and efficient. Multiple logins is always complex and difficult to handle. Scheduling and publishing posts, interaction, scheduling tasks, taking feedback and so on is easily possible using the single login and the integrated dashboard.

Better Communication and Consistency

It is not easy to give reply and track conversation in social media. Social media management will help in tracking interactions easily and will help you to follow the interactions in a better manner. The methods available not only keep all your data in a single place but also help in searching old communications using keywords.

Consistency is a key factor in brand building. Appropriate social media management helps you to provide uniform and consistent information to audience. Such features will make you stand out from the crowd. It allows clients to identify you.


Another major advantage of social media marketing is analysis. Analysis helps to know whether the strategies and methods implemented by you are effective or not. Analyses also help in the optimization of the social media marketing and activities. With the help of appliactions like Bitly you can get analytics, custom make the links, get site referrals, analyze clicks etc. Applications like Mention helps you to track the reviews by the audience about business, products or brand. You can also analyze your competitors using Mention. By finding what people are saying about you can improve yourself. You can also reply back on feedbacks and comments.

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