Press Release is a marketing tool which can be used effectively by businesses, companies, marketers and so on for gaining more visibility, building brand recognition, ranking higher on search engines etc. A properly optimized press release is a cost-effective option for the growth of any business. Digital marketers use many techniques and methods to optimize a press release. Digital Links UAE, the best SEO Company in Dubai creates well optimized press releases across different kinds of industries.

Optimizing a press release for SEO

Use of keywords

Using keywords is an important aspect of optimising any content and it is the same for press release as well. Users type certain words into the search engines to get their desired result. In order to gain visibility you have to use the keywords which the users are most likely to use. They can be inserted in the content as well as in the title.

It is vital to use right keywords which adhere to your business, product, brand, industry etc. Keywords which rank high among users can be researched using several keyword research tools and software.

Attractive Topic

Topic is what people notice first. If the topic is not interesting then they will not even wait to read the content. They would immediately leave the page and look for something better. While writing the topic/headline it is advisable not to use unfamiliar words like scientific words, jargons, buzzwords etc. Keep the topic simple and specific. Also remember to include keywords in your title. Keywords have to be placed appropriately. Topics should also be interesting and informative. Since topics with numbers have higher chance of getting more hit count it is good to include relevant numbers in the headlines. Giving a topic which will make people read the content is important.

Appealing content

Users are not patient and they often prefer to skim through the contents. Unless the content is engaging and appealing they won’t read it. Therefore content have to be written in such a way that grab the attention of the users. Short, precise and to the point content is what majority of the audience prefer. Including quotes, providing examples, unique writing are few ways through which audience can be attracted. Another thing to keep in mind is to use keywords carefully. Do not randomly place keywords in your content. Insert them wisely at suitable places. Also make sure not to stuff your content with keywords.


Press release content should have accurate format with effective visuals. Visuals like pictures and videos are easily noticeable by people. Therefore project them in your content and optimize them properly to gain more traffic and readability of your content. For optimising you can add keywords in the file names, captions etc. Highlighting certain words and paragraphs using bold, underline, font colour etc will also capture the attention of users. You will be to connect with users using an engagingly formatted content.

Know your audience

Understand the demographics of the audience when writing press release or any type of content. If you don’t know your target audience then your content will only get buried under the large quantity of data available on the web. If you need to stand out, primarily know for whom you are writing the content then you can use words and format the content accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

Analysing your competitors’ contents can help you in many ways. Using various tools you can get the keywords and the back links used by them. You can know whether the strategies adopted by them is having a positive impact or not and if they are advantageous you can try those strategies. Researching on competitors will help you to let you know what is working and what is not working. You can also bring in strategies which are distinctive from that of your competitors.

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