Someone is currently using Google to look for a new good, service, or remedy to their issue, and your company is specifically qualified to offer all of these things.

Will they ultimately visit your website? Unfortunately, it’s likely not if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google results. Being one of the finest SEO agency in Dubai, we’ve compiled a list of the best practices to help you figure out how to rank higher on Google. Some of these ideas may already be being used by you, while others may be brand-new to you. In any case, read over each of these and consider where you may make adjustments in the coming year.

Why Does Google Ranking Matter?

A high position on Google continues to be one of the best ways to get traffic to your website, despite the fact that the digital marketing environment has evolved and new platforms are becoming increasingly popular. More than 67% of all clicks are produced by the top five organic results on the first page, according to internet statistics.

In the end, you have a greater chance of acquiring new consumers if more people visit your website. Additionally, if you rank higher than your rivals, you may be able to grab some of their potential clients.

Steps to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings:

1. Improve Your Page Loading Speed

There are several factors that affect how quickly a website loads. First off, Google will notice if your load time is excessively slow, and it will hurt your ranking. However, a slow website will also affect how visitors interact with your sites. These unfavourable interactions will consequently lower your ranking as well.

Because of this, it is crucial to focus on improving both your page speed and server response time. Online tools like Pingdom are free to use if you want to assess the speed of your website.

2. Have a Link-Worthy Site

The likelihood of receiving connections from other websites increases when a website is authoritative, impartial, and helps users learn more about what they are interested in. This boosts your search engine optimization. The best SEO agency in Dubai will help you crack the way to rank your website higher in the search engine.

By including pertinent links within the content, you can increase your authority and trustworthiness. Try writing the name of the location in place of “click here” links. Always link keywords to descriptive links to increase search engine optimization and to provide more value to your users, including those with disabilities or screen readers.

3. Share Content on social media

Every day, more than two million blogs are published. Get your stuff out into cyberspace if you want to rank highly in the search engines. The easiest method to do this is through increasing the visibility of your brand on social media.

Share your blog entries on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. Establish a weekly social media schedule that holds you accountable. Google will acquire more information about your website the more places it is listed.

4. Optimise for Mobile

Our society’s technological trends have broadened your target market. Your clients no longer all browse the internet when sat at their desks in front of computers. In essence, mobile has taken control. You ought to modify your behaviour to that of Google as it has done the same for its users.

On April 21, 2015, the “Mobile Friendly Update” went into effect, effectively levelling the playing field between mobile and PC users. According to Google, mobile devices have accounted for the majority of monthly searches across 10 nations (including the US).

5. Target the Right Keywords

It’s crucial that you comprehend both the search intent and ranking challenges associated with each of your keyword targets in order to make sure they are in line with your overall business objectives and provide genuine value.

In spite of the fact that terms may have a specific meaning to you, they may have a completely different meaning in Google, and vice versa. You can determine which stage of the sales funnel customers are in by knowing their intent, whether it is informational/educational, transactional, or navigational.

Claim Your Number One Spot with Best SEO Company in Dubai

Search engine optimization is more than simply a passing trend. Your website needs to put a lot of effort into it both now and in the future.

Although you’re a little behind if you’re only now beginning to concentrate on SEO, it’s still not too late to put the tactics into action. Verifying your traffic and search position will assist your SEO plan hold up. You’ll soon be moving near Google’s first page of search results.