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Types of Google Ads

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Google offers advertising choices to meet your needs. This includes AdWords, DoubleClick, AdMob, and much more. These solutions can help you generate leads, build brand recognition, or keep users longer.

1. Google Adwords

You can use Google Ads as a product to advertise your company, aid in the sale of goods or services, create awareness, and boost website traffic. You can create and modify your ad campaign at any moment, including your ad text, settings, and budget, because Google Ads accounts are controlled online.

When people look for similar goods or services, Google shows them your ads. Google Search, Google Maps, and our network of partner websites may all display your ads. You will only be charged when people click on your advertisement to contact your company, visit your website, or request driving instructions.

Digital Links are reputable Google Adwords company in UAE that can help you boost your online presence. The knowledgeable Google Ads team at Digital Links ensures that your money is well spent by bringing relevant visitors to your website. We are the top Google Ads agency in Dubai that support you whether you want to optimize your current Ad campaigns or start from zero.

We offer top-notch AdWords management services in Dubai to increase the reach of your company. Before creating customized campaigns that can assist you in generating high-quality leads, we use our years of knowledge to comprehend your sales funnel.

2. Shopping Ads

With Google Shopping, online merchants can visually advertise their products on the search service and provide pertinent details about each item to increase conversion rates. When a customer searches for a product, Google Shopping ads are displayed in Google search. Google will display the products that best match the search query. The product page of the advertisers will appear when the advertisement is clicked. Shopping ads include product titles, prices, images, reviews, and occasionally shipping details.

Digital Links have been offering shopping ads and other Google Ads solutions to the best brands not only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but all over the UAE. Our digital solutions allow clients to advertise their products on google by targeting a specific audience and delivering amazing results.

3. Search Ads

Paid search advertising, also referred to as sponsored ads, search marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing, is a strategy that involves the display of ads whenever anyone performs a search for the services or goods that the advertiser is offering. In this manner, each query is properly matched by the shown ad.

The user’s specific demand, rather than merely an assumption about what they could be looking for, is the foundation of search advertising, which is why it is so successful. Obviously, this raises the chance that someone will click and convert. Google is the top provider of search advertisements globally. Through its AdWords service, businesses that provide goods or services can charge for their advertisements based on the search terms that users of the Internet enter into the search box. Simple enough: when your results page loads, relevant ads are displayed in ad boxes next to the organic results.

Digital Links provides you with search ads to boost your business’s branding and online exposure by placing your ads on SERPs as per the customer queries. Search ads provide companies with powerful targeting abilities and who better than Digital Links to help you serve this purpose?

4. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing also known as Retargeting is the practice of interacting with audiences that have already interacted with your brand to persuade them to carry out an action that may be of interest to them, like converting. Customers might visit your website, log in, add items to their shopping carts, and then depart without making a purchase.

Retargeting advertisements enable your company to display relevant ads to website visitors who didn’t convert—buy an item, submit a contact form, download a file, etc.

The simplest way to understand these advertising is to think of them as a technique for online window shoppers to become customers. Retargeting ads, which use straightforward tracking codes, encourage past visitors to come back to your website by displaying them pertinent ads as they browse Google Display Network websites or conduct related Google searches. Retargeting advertising keeps your company and its goods in the thoughts of previous customers.

5. AdMob Services

Google can assist app developers to boost the revenue from their apps by using AdMob. As per the criteria you choose, AdMob matches advertising with your app. Companies who want to market their products fund and commission the creation of the ads. The amount you make will vary because these advertisers charge different prices for different ads.

Though it is annoying for mobile gamers to have their games cut short by ads, for many developers, these advertisements are an essential source of income that motivates them to provide a better gaming experience. Did you know that over 1 million apps use AdMob, the most well-known network for mobile app advertising? With AdMob, developers can use this Google’s mobile ad platform to monetize their free apps using in-app advertising.

Digital Links provide you with a broad range of Google Marketing solutions, such as DoubleClick, Search Ads, Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and much more. We have a wide range of skilled experts and app developers who work with us to make Digital Links one of the top digital marketing and mobile development agencies in the UAE.

6. DoubleClick Services

The DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) platform, an integrated ad technology platform, helps marketers to more successfully plan, implement, and build successful digital marketing campaigns. DDM combines top-tier tools to assist customers in managing effective measures across many channels.

Google’s DoubleClick business platform offers complete advertising solutions to online businesses. DoubleClick is a tool that publishers can use to deliver ads on their websites and manage how frequently and how long they appear. One of the best advertising platforms available, Google DoubleClick offers choices for ad-serving, Ad distribution, and behavioral targeting.

7. Display Ads

On the Google Display Network, display campaigns provide aesthetically appealing advertisements. As people visit millions of websites, applications, and Google-owned properties, the Display Network helps you reach them (such as YouTube and Gmail). One of the campaign types you have access to in Google Ads is a display campaign.

Display Ads are a sort of online promotion that is a blend of text, photos, and a URL that directs viewers to a page where they can read more about or purchase things. Display Ads are available in various formats. These ads can be animated with numerous images, videos, or text changes or they can be static with an image. Ad campaigns have various objectives, and while some display advertising is made to inform about the product, others are made to amuse and engage through easy games or puzzles. Display ads of the kind known as “banner ads” are widely employed in awareness-raising efforts.

Display ads are a fantastic example of how an ad appears on websites and make brilliant brand awareness campaign tools. You can place display ads on various websites, unlike search ads, which are limited to the first page of search results. Despite being small pieces of simple code, they have a significant impact on internet commerce because they operate as the digital equivalent of billboards.

Digital Links has years of experience in the field and can help you with ad campaigns for any business type. Our simple, sales-focused approach to building ad campaigns is what makes us a hit with our clients and makes us one of the top Google marketing agencies in the UAE.

8. YouTube ads

You can advertise your video material on YouTube or in search results using Google Ads, which will increase the number of users who see it. This might be your video playing before someone views another video or appearing in full-screen search results on YouTube.

Every business can discover its target consumers among YouTube’s user base, which offers an affordable option to reach a sizable user base with a variety of interests. You can use YouTube advertisements to reach a specific audience or a large number of viewers, depending on your goals.

The AdSense auction, Google Ad Manager, and other YouTube-sold sources are used to serve ads. Ads might not appear right away if you enable monetization. Your video’s adverts are automatically selected depending on factors such as its metadata and whether or not it has advertiser-friendly content.

9. SEO

Search engines are where about 93% of web traffic comes from. You must be highly listed and indexed on the major search engines if you want people to find your website.

In an ideal world, you could create your website and simply wait for visitors to arrive. There are probably a lot of other websites with comparable themes and issues to your own, though. For each search query, search engines must choose which websites to present at each place in the search results. To make sure that your website receives web traffic from pertinent search queries in search engines, it is essential to implement SEO best practices.

You would think you can perform your search engine optimization rather than hiring a professional. However, if your industry is competitive, it would be quite challenging for you to succeed on your own. For instance, a legal company will wish to rank highly for terms like “contract lawyer” or “lawyers near me.” However, there may be a lot of law firms vying for visibility, and it can be very challenging to outperform rivals without specialized knowledge and experience.

Let Digital Links help you. With our support, you can heighten your chances to rank higher on Google SERPs and make your business more visible to the audience.

10. Classified sites and directories

We provide you with enhanced classified pages that make it simple to discover the information you need. Classifieds are ads that focus on specific products and services. Business directories can help your business to maintain an online presence. You can access classifieds and directories through mobile and web apps.

Our app which we design and develop for you is SEO friendly as Google indexes every classified ad and business directory. The user experience is improved by streamlining the navigation procedure. We also have various features such as comments so that users may provide comments that will help us make the software better for everyone. Digital Links concentrates on delivering the best-personalized app for our clients which also comes with protecting the app against online fraud and other security problems.

Why Digital links?

Google now offers a powerful platform that is adaptable and integrated, supporting all business owners! By developing a marketing platform, we guarantee that analytics and advertising are inextricably linked, resulting in superior marketing solutions! We constantly stay up to date on Google developments and develop more insightful strategies for digital marketing! Get in touch with us for integrated Google marketing solutions in UAE!

Digital Links provides you with Google Marketing Platform 360 tech stack, which includes Google’s top-tier testing, analytics, and advertising technologies. We use corporate ad tech to understand your clients and their intricate website and app journeys, as well as to conduct the biggest digital advertising campaigns at scale and across numerous platforms.

We don't make you any misleading promises, in contrast to other branding agencies. We pledge to give you frank consulting and strategic recommendations for each client based on their particular requirements.

We are Google Certified Partners for Google Marketing and are qualified experts. This indicates that each member of our team is an Individual Qualified Google Marketing Expert who is capable of handling campaigns for our clients.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the various business needs, thus a customized approach is necessary. You may be confident that we will always reply to your feedback and take into account the company’s needs thanks to the committed team members working on each project.

We are transparent in our activities and don't engage in any actions that violate Google's terms of service. We exclusively use "White Hat" SEO techniques and strictly adhere to the law.

Benefits of Google Marketing

Google Marketing Platform is designed in such a way to combine all the data and features to ensure enhanced marketing across various channels and devices under one umbrella. It helps Google’s DoubleClick and Analytics 360 to empower your business and handle your customers’ journey right from the start to the end.

Here are some of the benefits of google marketing:

  • Better cross-device capabilities – helps you get a better understanding of how customers move between devices, from their smartphones and tablets to their laptops and desktop computers. With the use of this knowledge, digital marketers can conduct more effective campaigns that give users more tailored experiences.

  • Machine Learning powered campaigns – helps in saving small businesses a great amount of time while still achieving the best results from their online advertising efforts. These campaigns are designed to make Google Ads accessible to everyone because they only need a very basic understanding of how to set them up, and Google's AI takes care of the ongoing maintenance.

  • Easier access to the right customers – If you are a B2B or B2C business, you need to understand the kind or persona of your ideal clients or customers. People behave differently across different devices which might help clarify which persona(s) is/are the most useful. The more details you have, the more relevant and precise offers you may provide to your potential or existing clients based on behavior. For years, Google Analytics has assisted online business owners in tracking the purchasing habits of their clients, but the Google Marketing Platform is now elevating this practice.

Videos are a great way to engage the audience through interaction. They also deliver better ROI than other types of content. Therefore, it would be smart for any business to use videos, especially those on YouTube, in their marketing and advertising activities. We at Digital Links provide first-rate Google Marketing and digital marketing services. We target your ads based on demographics, interests, and locales as part of our approach.

Marketing solutions provided by Google but are not limited to,

Why should you switch to Google Marketing Platform?

The most cutting-edge equipment and technology are found on the Google Marketing Platform. With one integrated, user-friendly platform, you can build and manage more focused sponsored searching and programmatic campaigns, get better real-time analytics, and provide enhanced customer service.

Make the most of your investment in the Google Marketing Platform with Digital Links. Whether you are new to Google Marketing Platform or if you need to tweak your marketing campaigns, we are there to support you.

You can launch your marketing initiatives with confidence thanks to the Google Marketing Platform. We can help you get real-time performance insights, and develop, and set up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and a Google Studio Dashboard.By bridging the gap between organizational requirements and Google Marketing Platform’s capabilities, we address problems in digital advertising. This adds value across our clients’ companies as well as the platform.

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