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Geofencing – What it is?

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Geofencing is a type of digital marketing which the marketers and businesses use to attract and engage users and customers. Geofencing opens up a new door full of opportunities for businesses. This marketing method targets audience in a particular geographical area or location. Users with Smartphones or other electronic devices who enter a location within a certain radius are sent promotions, advertisements or offers. The promotions or ads are sent to the existing as well as new potential customers when they enter the predetermined geographical location and search for something related to their business. Time and location are the two factors which are vital for Geofencing. People can get irritated with so many ads bombarding their devices. Hence Geofencing opts for the right time to display the ads. Since Geofencing marketing is done on the basis of location, the right kind of ad reach the right kind of audience at the right time.

How does Geofencing function?

Geofencing can be successful when proper strategies are constructed and when they are implemented correctly. It can reap many benefits for businesses. Technology blended with precise and prompt targeting of customers is the primary key to ensure that Geofencing is effective. Personalized ads and promotions with messages that benefits the users have to be sent to capture the attention of the users.
This advanced marketing strategy targets potential customers who are most likely to associate with you and buy from you. In Geofencing, GPS, IP addresses, Radio Frequency Identifiers, Beacons, Bluetooth Signals etc are used for creating a virtual boundary around a specific geographical area. When users who have any key terms in their electronic devices related to the business enters the specific area they automatically receive notifications and ads. Geofencing even though works on location based strategy and reach only a specific group of audience can bring effective ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and ROI (Return On Investment) through high rate quality clicks and leads.

Advantages of opting for Geofencing Marketing

  • Increased and improved user engagement.

  • Improves your brand awareness and helps in building brand image.

  • Target specific existing as well as potential customers.

  • Efficiently and quickly connect with customers.

  • Increase your sales.

  • Enhance customer experience through personalized promotions.

  • Put across the right content at the right place and at the right time.

  • Improve data effectiveness and analytics.

Is Geofencing a cost effective option?

Geofencing if constructively implemented can bring good ROI and ROAS. When taking this into account and the long term benefits it brings forth, Geofencing can be considered to be a cost effective option. Factors such impression volume, targeting features, retargeting options, number of geofences, size of the geofence, analytics and reporting required, data layering and so on impact the cost of Genofencing marketing. While some digital marketing agencies will give a breakdown of the price structure other agencies might give the total price of the campaign. It is up to you to decide which you prefer.
Digital Links is completely transparent and only charges genuine affordable price for its marketing activities. Our expert team executes Geofencing in the most efficient and beneficial way. We guarantee high ROI and ROAS.

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