Facebook Marketing in UAE

The art of getting social
Going beyond Likes and Shares
Admit it. Facebook is big and getting bigger. It has evolved super-fast and has become the best vehicle for businesses to market products and services. Facebooks helps us push products to a wide, targeted and tailor-made audience of online users. No business can ignore this. DIGITAL LINKS are your brand’s best partner at getting social.
facebook marketinf service in adu dhabi
How We Do It
Our harpoon sharp Facebook campaigning services include:


Manage Facebook campaigns uniquely for targeted customers

Engaging ads

Manage Facebook campaigns uniquely for targeted customers

Build campaigns

Build campaigns to drive more customers to your brand’s fan page

Steady customers

Ensure a steady supply of customers to your brand’s pages

Social media marketing (SMM) is among the biggest innovations in the 21st-century world of advertising. With the advent of social networking applications such as Facebook and Instagram, people across the world have been capable of forming communities, connecting with one another and sharing information with no hesitation. SMM has also allowed companies to promote their products and services to individuals they could not have earlier accessed, making it effective and cheaper. As one of the best digital marketing companies in Dubai, we know how important SMM is in this world of instant gratification with likes, shares, comments and so forth.

We provide creative and accurate Facebook marketing solutions, with a high degree of expertise to boot. Our team of marketers have local and international expertise and can offer your brand a specialized service that cuts across all the latest tools and platforms. Our team knows no boundaries when it comes to using the power of Facebook marketing to good effect for you.

If you seek quality service at an amazing price point, get on board with us, and we can help you explore the latest opportunities and grow online. We have been delivering quality marketing solutions for a long time and have made a name for ourselves in the highly competitive UAE market. Start using our SMM services, and you can rest assured that you will get access to reliable solutions that are among the very best in this market. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an affordable package from one of the finest digital marketing companies in Dubai, and leave the rest to us.

Facebook marketing in UAE

If the ultimate objective of your business is growing and engaging the potential customer, Facebook advertising is the best marketing option to choose. You need to be everywhere where your customers are. We are a renowned Facebook marketing agency Abu Dhabi assuring you to give a proper way to advertise your business and increase your web presence. Facebook marketing in UAE is one of the best strategies to establish your business and expand your brand presence on social media.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

Digital Links is a trusted name for social media marketing and our staff is proficient to handle different digital strategies with FB marketing tools. We target the audience as per their location, interest, age, gender, demographics, and much more. We take advantage of this feature of Facebook and study the business offerings. We plan and develop creative social media campaigns and work as the best Facebook marketing agency Dubai Our focus is to find the right audience, grab their attention, engage them in the best way, and develop business connections to make them your customers. We work for Facebook marketing in UAE focusing on developing the customized solutions targeting a wide number of online users.

Admit the fact that Facebook is a huge platform and it is getting bigger. It is a speedy vehicle for businesses to market products and services socially. Facebooks help us push products to a wide, targeted, and tailor-made audience of online users. No business can ignore FB marketing at this point. DIGITAL LINKS is your brand’s best partner at getting social in a very systematic way.

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Social Media Marketing Package

The packages mentioned below are totally customizable – blend it, swap it, come up with your own of set objectives. Make your own perfect social media package with a budget you can afford!

Ongoing social media marketing strategy      
Creation of content calendar       
Keyword research       
Platforms  2 2 4
Post per week 2 3 4
Social media expert consultancy       
Community management –
Responding to comments on posts
Campaign creation and management of targeted ad campaigns       
Professional Ad design and graphic design       
Exciting ad text creation – caption writing      
Conversion setup and tracking      
Daily campaign monitoring, management and optimization      
Monthly reports and detailed evaluations with our strategy team      
Gain a leverage against competitors with our Research based Campaign strategies and insights of relevant target audience      
1 Exclusive photoshoot/ Or 1  Explainer Video/Animated  creation  (maximum of 60 second Branding Video to increase Brand Awareness and Customer Recall)      
Your Monthly Investment