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One of the most vital elements in effective search engine optimization is choosing the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases (SEO). Increasing website traffic is important, but you also need to attract the correct kind of visitors. It may take some time and research to select the most suitable keywords to appeal to your target market, but the effort will be rewarded.

Top 10 ways to choose the right keywords

1. Think like a customer first

When making your initial keyword list, decide who your target market is and imagine yourself as a consumer. Think about what you would put into Google to find one of these goods or services. To get their input on the terms they would use when looking for your goods and services, you can also talk to others, including friends, family, or even current clients.

2. Learn from your competitors

Make a list of your major competitors, then visit their websites to determine which keywords they are focusing on. To determine the keywords they are aiming for, read the content and look at the metatags. You can identify what you could be missing by looking at your competitors’ keyword lists, and it will also help you grow your own list of suggestions. There are many google ads agencies in UAE that can assist you with understanding your competitors.

3. Recognize the long tail keywords

Three words or phrases or more are considered long tail keywords. Long tail keywords typically have lower search volume but tend to be more relevant, less competitive, and simpler to rank high for. Define your product or service by using long-tail keywords.

4. Use keyword research tools

Use the keyword tool provided by Google Ads to look up prospective target keywords if you’re utilizing that service. You may gain insights on keyword volume and trends, keyword competition, related keywords, and more using tools like these and others like SEMRUSH and Raven tools.

5. Analyze the results.

Once you select the keywords, don’t forget to track your keywords and examine the results. There are frequently popular words or phrases as well as fresh terms that your competitors can be using.

Don’t forget to use your keywords as much as you can! Include your keywords in your website’s content, blog articles, social media postings, metatags, and other areas. Your target audience will find you more readily if you use keywords in your content on a regular basis.

6. Have quality landing pages

Higher-quality landing pages result in higher Quality Scores, which lowers the cost per click. Moreover, landing pages are no longer a major pain in the butt. Platforms like Unbounce and Instapage make it simple for anyone even those without coding or development experience to create landing pages.

Keep in mind that the landing page is the one that will most likely result in a conversion. It doesn’t matter how well you performed during the campaign setup and strategy phase of the process if you haven’t properly positioned yourself.

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