Online platforms have evolved to be the hub of anything and everything, that aid better standards of living according to the wishes of the people. And hence, most of the businesses have turned online too, marketing and selling your products in the effective market places. But the challenge is to get your products on the top of the list as people do not ponder beyond first page of any google search. This is where SEO plays its role and explains how important it is to have an SEO friendly or SEO optimized website to win the conversion rates. Digital links is known to be expert in web deigning in UAE which will help you gain over the internet.

SEO optimized website and content helps to make your website more visible on the search engine to pave for organic traffic on your website. So it is time to master optimizing your website to satisfy SEO and the best website development company in UAE like digital links, will be your best fried for online sales and marketing.

The best web design services in UAE gives you the tips to build SEO friendly website

Optimize content along with the trends of the customers

People use certain keywords to search their needs in internet and it is important to include the effective keywords in your website as well. Your website content should be oriented towards audience’s search intent so that they would reach you. The four major search intent which seems to be effective are informational; search intent based on information, navigational; search intent based on particular app or website, commercial; search intent bases on products and transactional; search intent based on decided purchasing products.

An attractive title tag and meta description can be a breakthrough

It is important to have well presented title tag and meta description as that is what hits the eye of audience first. The title tag should be limited to 60 characters, and the must include the keywords. Make sure to not overstuff keywords and keep in mind the search intent and to keep your title brief yet descriptive. Your meta description can be limited to 155 to 160 characters and that should include keywords satisfying the search intent. The meta description should be precise but be an eye opener of your website to the viewers.

Mobile friendly websites are great competitors

One of the primary factors to be reviewed while creating a website is, to ensure that it is mobile friendly. Nowadays, people majorly use mobile phones and the websites that not mobile friendly can be left behind.

Include quality images

SEO friendly website not only claims for optimized content, but also should be visually appealing. Quality images in your website content will help drive organic traffic for your website. Using JPEG, PNG, Webp formats on different platforms can help limit the size and improve speed of the web pages. You need to compress the image size to boost the speed of the website and also adding Alt text to the images can give a better clarity with the right keywords.

Improve the speed of the website

The faster the website, greater the audience will enjoy being in your website. You can use tools like semRush, and GTMatrix to improve strategies for flawless performance of your website. Allowing browser caching, removing unessential plugging, decreasing the server response time, lowering the redirects and minimizing CSS and Javascript files can improve the speed of the website. The best website designs in UAE by digital links, greatly values the speed of the website to win the online marketing game halfway.

Increase internet linking on your website

If used appropriately, internet linking can boost the website ranking. It improves the informational resource in your website which will make it reliable and convenient for the users.

Enhance the user experience

The website should be user friendly with improvised page speed, subheading for better comprehension, use of images, videos etc, and some white space.

Build a good URL

A comprehensive URL can help users to visit your website. You can make user friendly URL by keeping your URL as short as possible, with the right amount of keywords. Try to use readable words rather than long ID number to boost your google ranking.

Get more backlinks

You can get more backlinks from the reputable websites which can help you to boost the google ranking.

Include quality SEO optimized blog posts to your website

Quality blogs that posses good information that matches your customers’ need and interests can get your website to larger audience. Blogs in your content can help you to enhance your website.

Let your product and services flow overseas of internet. Market your website with the game of SEO optimization, with best possible Digital Links Pro’s digital marketing services in Dubai.