There are lot of efforts involved to make visitors to come to your website. To convert the visitors into potential leads who take action is even more difficult. There is no use if the visitors coming to your site do not take action. It is vital to bring traffic who are potential leads to your website in order to grow your business. An efficient web development company UAE can help you in converting your website visitors into potential leads. Digital Links the best web development company UAE and the leading Google ads agency in UAE can assist you in increasing your potential leads. We provide effective Google ads management service UAE to grow your leads and thereby increase your sales and business.

Primarily you have to identify the root cause of why no visitors are getting converted to potential leads. Let us discuss the problems and how to overcome it in order to gain potential leads for your website.

Right traffic to the website

You have to identify your target audience and then take steps to bring them to your website. Having the wrong traffic visit your website can be one of the reasons for poor potential leads. You may be already using strategies to bring in traffic hence what you can do to attract the type of audience is to audit the existing SEO strategy and hire Google ads management service UAE provider. Through auditing you can analyze whether the keywords utilized are appropriate and whether proper content are being published. You can also check whether you are promoting content in the appropriate social media platform and campaigns are set to the right demography and in the right geographical region. Google ads management service UAE provider will run the campaigns in the appropriate manner targeting the right audience.

Website Design

Having an easy to navigate website and a website which the audience finds attractive and useful is important. People have short attention span and within that time you have to convince them to stay on the page and take action. You can create landing pages which the user may find beneficial in order to make them stay. A website that can easily convey the message to the audience can give users a better experience and once they are happy with the experience you will get more conversions. A website therefore should be appealing as well as comprehendible.

Pop ups in your website

Having many pop ups in your website can irritate those you visit your website. Hence you have to limit the number of pop ups on your page. You should not have more than one or two pop ups in your page. Also instead of adding pop ups to all your web pages limit the pages. Choosing slide-ins is also an option.

Unique and distinctive

Users become interested in your site when they find something unique and distinctive in your site. They look for what they gain and benefit from the site. Therefore it is best to offer something to the audience that your competitors are not offering. For example discounts, offers, low pricing etc can be provided and highlighted in the website.


Look into reviews and give reply to it. If the reviews are genuine make changes to your service accordingly. It is vital to make the users feel that they are feedback are being valued.