Covent Garden – The Online Flower shop – SEO Case Study

Covent Garden was established in 2001 and is recognized as one of the leading professional providers of integrated flower services in the MENA region. With a vision to continue to be a successful provider of integrated flower services in the MENA region Covent Garden focuses on  service excellence and innovative design and offer personal attention to clients needs. This has allowed them to provide a memorable experience to every customer.

Covent Garden - The online Flower shop

Our Client Website.

Poor UI/ UX

The user interface was poorly designed hampering users’ experience on the website. This led to a higher bounce rate, and users abandoned the website soon after the Landing Page. Visitors left without browsing further pages or engaging with the content. Purchase carts were often abandoned early in the buying stage without reaching the check-out stage.

The thorns:

Low Traffic, Low Online Visibility and Higher Bounce Rate

Covent Garden in essence is an e-commerce platform allowing website visitors to browse through 100s of floral arrangements and place orders online. The success and continued growth of business depends on having maximum online visibility and offering enhanced browsing experience at the same time allowing easy purchase and check-outs. However Covent Garden’s website was not designed to operate at its optimum and hence missed out on major online sales opportunities.

Low Website Traffic

Traffic to the website was low compared to industry standards. Their online visibility was nil while their competitors attracted a high volume of the target audience.

The Problem Solvers:

Digital Links Website Development Team and SEO Team

Digital Links was engaged to diagnose and address the Client’s pain points. We started off with a Website audit that allowed us to identify the areas of concern quickly. Equipped with information on the visitor journey, source of traffic, bounce rate data and in-depth competitor analysis, Digital Links advised the client to revamp their Website to rectify the technical and design flaws identified.

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The Solution:

Website Revamp, Off page and On Page SEO, Keyword Research and optimisation

Digital Links’ Web development team developed a user-friendly design interface allowing the website visitors to have an uninterrupted browsing experience. The site was restructured to enhance the navigation and provide more logical and a smoother flow of information. The design was completed within 7 days, and following Client approval, the Site was revamped and fully deployed in just under 30 days.

During the audit, Digital Links’ SEO squad noticed that Covent Garden’s website was not optimised for search engines. This was identified as a key area of improvement to increase the site’s online visibility. We initiated keyword research based on Covent Garden’s industry, geography and competition. This resulted in deploying on-page SEO solutions followed by off-page SEO tactics and targeted campaigns.

The Result

Drastic drop in bounce rate, a whopping increase in traffic and engagement

Following the website revamp, the bounce rate dropped drastically from 80 to 15 percent. There was a visible increase in Visitors’ interest in products offered as displayed on the website. Customers showed more engagement with the content and responded positively to the Call to Action.

Digital Links’ SEO strategy led to an 800% increase in traffic to the Client’s website.

Within six months the SEO implementation, all targeted keywords ranked on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Certain chosen keywords (based on significant parameters) also ranked on top of the first page of Google SERP. This ensured higher visibility to Covent Garden’s website thereby generating more sales.

The client new website (revamped).

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