Today there will be only a small percentage of people who does not use the online search engine Google. The online opportunities available nowadays are vast and broad. Through proper campaigns, strategies and marketing you can easily project your brand to your target audience. Subsequently you can increase the leads and improve the conversion rates and bring in more sales. Online advertising using Google Ads is a very useful method for promoting your business. Google Ads is a platform from Google. Your business can be effectively and efficiently promoted using this platform. It works by showing advertisements to audience who search for particular keywords in the search engines. The ads are shown in the result pages which are displayed when they search for particular keywords. Digital Links UAE, Google ads agency in UAE are experts in utilizing Google Ads for various types of promotions. Our structured Google ads management service UAE ensures efficient usage of different platforms for effective digital marketing. Presently we are the number one Google adwords company in Dubai.

Different kinds of Google Ads which are used as campaigns include Video campaign, Search campaign, Shopping campaign, Display campaign, App campaign Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Model is used in Google Ads. The keywords are bid between different marketers and the highest bidder gets the keyword. Different types of bids include Cost-per-click (CPC) (the amount you pay as per the number of user clicks on the ad), Cost-per-mille (CPM) (the amount you have to pay as per 1000 ad impressions) and Cost-per-engagement (CPE) (the amount you pay when user takes an action on the ad). Another method which you can follow for digital ad campaign is by setting a daily budget. Digital Links, Google adwords company in Dubai will assist you with different kind of Google Ads and campaigns.

Google AdSence is different from Google Ads. Google AdSense is a service which matches ads and helps you to place ads effortlessly. Through Google Adsense the task of finding partners for promotions can be eliminated. It is also not limited to particular platform. Anyone who have website can use it. Advertisers who would want to place their ads in the website will offer you payment. While the owners of website can keep codes to indicate they are interested to place ads on their website. Both the advertisers and website owners can together decide on the ad types, placements, size, design and so on. The content of the site is more improved and refined through Google AdSense.

Google AdSense has certain set of policies and once you decide to use AdSense, you have to clearly go through it. Since the rules and regulations of Google are strict you should in detail know about what is permitted and what is not permitted. Google doesn’t allow deliberate clicks which are solicited.

While deciding to place ads in your site you should also determine how many ads you are planning to include in the site. There is no limitation in placing ads however adding too many ads is not recommended. It can create a negative impression among users and they can get irritated with it. The page can also get slow to load with too many ads. Hence the ideal place to place ads have to be chosen. Placing ads at the bottom or top of the page is a good choice. It will be better if the ads are not mixed with the contents of the page.

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