Instagram is a very popular social media platform and its influence and prominence is increasing day after day. Through efficient strategy and Instagram marketing Dubai you can grow your Instagram followers and increase the traffic to your site, grow your sales and build your brand. Digital marketing companies UAE can help you with effective Instagram marketing Dubai. Digital Links one of the leading digital marketing companies UAE helps in efficient Instagram marketing Dubai. Get in touch with us for utilizing Instagram marketing Dubai in the most beneficial and productive way.

Below given are 5 proven tips for getting Instagram followers.

1. Frequency and Consistency in Content

Content is what people are looking for and if you don’t have that then there is no point in having an Instagram account. In order to increase your followers and to keep your existing followers you should post contents that are engaging on your Instagram account regularly.

One way by which you can keep your content always updated is by scheduling the posts. Scheduling posts helps to routinely post the contents even if you are busy and is not able to update the content. It has been observed and proven that frequency of a post do increase the engagement rate and also improves the reach rate of the post and the account. You should also post content according to what you intend to convey to your audience. Changing the content now and again and having no idea what you to want to highlight to your audience will confuse your audience as well as muddle up things for you.

2. Content Optimization

Optimizing the content using Instagram SEO techniques can help to grow your business quickly. It is a part of Instagram marketing Dubai done by Digital Links. Those who use Instagram can easily find you in this way and also your account will reach to a wider group of audience. The keywords used in your post, captions and content will make you easily visible. The kind of content posted, the captions used, and the time of posting are the major factors which help to show your page in the results page of Instagram search. Hence while selecting the post titles and content do your research properly. With Instagram getting competitive day by day you will need to strategise efficiently to make your page stand out from the rest.

3. Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are highly important to grow your user base. Reels are short videos with looping video feature. When you post continuous reels you are not only engaging your current users but also influencing other users to follow you. Reels help you to increase your visibility and reach, thereby increasing your number of followers. For wider reach of reels you can use:

  • Keywords
  • Trending music
  • Hashtags
  • Original videos
  • Quality videos
4. Promoting content in other platforms

The content you create in Instagram can be promoted in other social media platforms as well. This will encourage users to visit your account and follow your account. You can also promote you Instagram account through other ways such as email newsletters, podcast, websites and so on.

5. Collaborating with influencers

Collaborating with influencers help to increase your visibility and increase your reach to a wider number of audiences. Find the right strategy and choose influencers carefully in order gain higher engagements rates and to get new followers who may be interested in your business, products or services.