Importance of Pre-Designing Mobile Apps Before Application

Mobile application development generally consists of different stages, including pre-design. A mobile app development company in UAE can also handle the stages separately with its modular approach. However, taking an app development project from start to end will allow the company to offer the biggest possible value addition for clients. With this in mind, we will discuss what the so-called pre-design phase is and why it matters in mobile application development.

What Does Pre-Design Phase Mean?

Here, the company you hire for the project, whether it is a web development company UAE based or one situated elsewhere, will convert it from the first brief into a feasible strategy. This will involve determining many things, including what the application is about, who it is for, which technologies it has to utilize and how success will be measured. With pre-design, a mobile app development company in UAE can also help to ensure that it delivers a quality end product to the client.

What Happens in the Phase?

Usually, the first step in the process of pre-design is recognizing the fundamental, central concept and goal of the development project. As part of doing this, a web development company in Dubai usually starts with a brief workshop. In this brief session, the client will get to tap into the expert knowledge of the company’s staff, including their business analysts and UX specialists.

Many a mobile app development company in UAE recommends that their clientele take a comparably interdisciplinary approach at the stage. This approach will involve legal, marketing and any other department that wants to give an opinion on the project. Is it an internal application? If yes, it pays to have someone who will use the application at your workplace to consult with your development agency. This will ensure that all the stakeholders of your company have their say in the endeavor at the start, instead of after the process gets underway.

A brief research and competitor analysis process will usually come after the workshop where user personas will be constructed. These user personas will aid you and your mobile app development company in UAE in understanding the obstacles and objectives of those who will use the end product.

Whether it is unique, or comparable to other applications in the same industry as yours, the company you hire will usually recommend the analysis. Does the industry have applications with features similar to what you want to have in your app? If yes, this competitor information is useable to improvise the area in which the application falls short. Is it a unique concept with no competitors? If so, we would recommend following the latest User Interface trends, besides implementing some features of the leading apps in the market.

Another consideration during this phase is architecture. Your mobile app development company in UAE should also recommend noting down what you require from the product before the User Interface design stage. Not finalizing the app architecture would often result in the objective of this project failing to satisfy the requirements. This is among the reasons why pre-design is an important phase of mobile application development.

Include All Stakeholders in This Process

The developers, designers and other professionals of our web development company UAE will aid you in taking your concept to another level. With all of your stakeholders, let us plan on building an amazing and innovative product that possibly benefits you and your users in the long run.

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Online Marketing and Digital Marketing a Comparison

Terms such as online marketing and digital marketing are often interchangeably used. This has become more prevalent thanks to the increase in web traffic in the last few years. However, as a digital marketing agency Dubai based, we know that there are slight differences between both concepts. So, here we will differentiate both, as the distinctions have possible implications for modern marketing plans.

What Does Digital Marketing Mean?

The term digital marketing applies to all forms of marketing involving electronic media. It has been in existence since 1896, the year in which the radio was invented. That said, it has evolved since then to include numerous marketing channels. Some of these channels are phone applications, electronic billboards, online marketing, TV, radio and podcasts. As one of the best digital marketing companies Abu Dhabi based, we are aware that the process also has several benefits.

The significant level of data that is accessible to you with regards to what works and what does not, is among the main benefits of the digital marketing process. Usually, with almost every digital marketing type, an organization can see which parts of its marketing plan attract attention and convert visitors into customers. Utilizing the data will allow your organization to fine-tune its marketing plan to respond fast to the continually changing customer requirements. A digital marketing agency Dubai can also help you with putting the plan into practice in the most effective way possible.

What Does Online Marketing Refer To?

It is just a part of the larger process that is digital marketing as well as includes social media, websites, mobile marketing and content marketing. It continues to grow at a never-seen-before rate. Change happens fast in the world of online marketing. Therefore, savvy marketing professionals must stay ahead of all the latest changes and trends to keep helping their companies to retain customers or attract new ones. The same applies to the professionals who work for a digital marketing agency Abu Dhabi as well.

Online marketing may have become a focus area for companies, but almost every organization must develop a plan with more elements than just those related to it. A business enterprise with some web presence should reach out to customers across an array of platforms. Why? Because it often takes beyond just an interaction with an item or business for one to be a customer. An in-depth marketing plan can help to reach out to offline and online customers through not just digital marketing but also its subsets.

What is the Way Forward for Marketing?

Millions of people are working from home thanks to the coronavirus epidemic. That means people spend more time searching for products and services online than ever before. Therefore, many companies turn to online-based marketing strategies for leads and business. At the same time, there are some companies that no longer invest in marketing practices, including SEO. We know this first hand as one of the best digital marketing agency Dubai clients have at their disposal. So, we also wonder how long will this dual aspect of the marketing industry last.

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